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When it comes to judging between the top automated forex trading systems, two names usually come up. These are FAP Turbo vs. Forex MegaDroid.  There are many other online forex trading systems but these two are considered to be the best.

But which is the better of the two?  Consider...

1.  Forex MegaDroid is a very good system for new and experienced traders alike.

2.  Forex MegaDroid is totally undetectable by brokers, FAP Turbo is not.

3.  Once you pay for Forex MegaDroid you are done.  With FAP Turbo when you want to scale up you have to pay for a new license for each account that you set up.

4.  With FAP Turbo there are issues with the broker that you choose.  In other words they want you to go with their broker and they charge higher commissions.

5.  Forex MegaDroid has a better win loss ratio over FAP Turbo.  Think about it, big traders only trade one or maybe two markets.  Why?  First, they can get to know that market real well.  And secondly, once they scale up there is no need for any other market, they are making enough in that market alone.  You only need one market to make piles of money!

Forex Megadroid Automated Forex Trading Software

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Forex MegaDroid is my personal pick primarily due to its conservative trading philosophy, it's great win loss ratio, and also it's powerful trading algorithm.  Another feature that I like, is that once you get comfortable with this forex trading robot, you can then use the same license on other accounts.  Trading just one currency pair is no problem for me. This is the suggested tool to trade forex currencies online for new and/or conservative traders.  And finally Forex Mega Droid is Half the cost of the other robots! 

(Cheapest Yet Best Forex Robot)

FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo is also one of the top rated automated forex trading robots. It is very easy to download and it Has a great user interface.  Where it's superior to Forex MegaDroid is that you can trade most of the major currency pairs, not just one pair. The makers of FAP Turbo are constantly upgrading and perfecting the software, which is one reason why it has become the preferred automated forex trading robot for many serious traders. As I mentioned above this forex trading robot is better suited for more experienced traders.  So if you are more experienced in trading the forex market, than this will be the best forex robot for you!



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Forex Bling

Forex Bling is an automated Forex trading software tool that offers good value for the money; however it is not as effective as the other 2 trading robots that we have discussed. it also cost more than the other two.  This makes it very easy to pick either:  FAP Turbo for the experienced trader or Forex MegaDroid for the new or conservative trader.



Ivy Bot

The Ivy Bot



I have personally spent over $8000.00 on forex, futures, and stocks trading software, courses, and systems. My first thought in reviewing these online forex trading systems is that they are priced way too cheap to be real.  I have paid close to $5000.00 on just one system alone! That being said, you certainly can’t argue with results.

My suggestion is for anyone buying one of these Automated mechanical trading programs is to:

1. Paper trade using a demo account. It may take time until you are comfortable with them the trading software.
2. When you start live trading, start with a small account. Now when things get going and you see consistent profits over time, DO NOT scale up too fast!  Always remember that "slow and steady wins the race".

3. Thoroughly test the "catch up" trading feature that most of these forex robot trading tools offer. (This doubles up when you have a loss. This is supposed to help you to recoup your losses.  From personal experience, when I trade like that I just loose more money.) So beware of this setting. You have to ask yourself, do I trade that way? Is it safe or aggressive?  Enough said.

Forex Megadroid Automated Forex Trading Software



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